This blog will delve into the cultural and entertainment aspects of folklorico music and dance of Mexico. It also will host the show notes to the podcast titled "Arriba! Folkorico music and dance of Mexico."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Arriba! was mentioned in the School Of Podcasting

Today, we had a discussion with Dave Jackson, who is the podcaster for the School of Podcasting podcast.
He has been around for years in the podosphere, is aware of this podcast series, and I will be interviewing him in the future about his recommendations for resources with an upcoming podcast that I will produce for beginning entrepreneurs.
I also had the opportunity to be part of the paid membership of the School of Podcasting and participate in an e-coaching session, complete with e-meeting whiteboard with multiple students who entered the meeting.
I gave the URL of the podcast series blog to the community in this classroom session, and we received positive comments from those who viewed the pages of the blog.

Thanks to Dave Jackson for his time and interest in Arriba! Folklorico music and dance of Mexico.

I know we will be interviewing him (and vice versa) by the time of the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California, in late September of this year.