This blog will delve into the cultural and entertainment aspects of folklorico music and dance of Mexico. It also will host the show notes to the podcast titled "Arriba! Folkorico music and dance of Mexico."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jose Hernandez Interview - and- Podcast & Portable Media Expo

Well, it is finally over. In the past 2 weeks or so, we had a busy time:
(1) I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jose Hernandez, the creator and director of the Mariachi Sol de Mexico (R). This interview investigated his past, present and future directions of his music and his mariachi in California. It also was delving into his perspectives of mariachi music in relation to folklorico music.
We will have about 2 or 3 future episodes, coming in late October and early November, with the full content of our discussion and his interview. Look for this in the upcoming episodes.

(2) We had the opportunity to represent our podcast as attendees to both the Podcast Academy 4 in Ontario, California, on 28 September 2006; and also at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo at the Ontario Convention Center on 29-30 September 2006.

- I want to thank Tee Morris, author of Podcasting for Dummies (tm) (from publisher Wiley), who is the podcaster of the companion podcast of the same name (available for free download and subscription from iTunes (R). Tee highlighted the portfolio of our podcast and the collateral packet with the CD and blog content to his audience on 30 September when he spoke to a large audience at one of the elective sessions of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo.

- I also had the chance to promote our podcast with other people in the Industry, so that the awareness of culture, education and entertainment (with podcasts like ours) grew and became apparrent. As a matter of fact, many education podcasters are extremely interested in our content and podcast.

The show notes for this entry contains the link from el Mariachi sol de Mexico:

and you may want to visit this link to fully appreciate our next 2 episodes, as we present to you the interesting and exciting interview with Jose Hernandez.

Thank you for your interest, and we will be back with a future audio episode within the next month, especially with the Jose Hernandez interview.